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Man Shot 16 Times While Livestreaming on Facebook in Chicago

It is really hard to be mad at folks about the term “Black on Black” crime, when one Black man is shot dead by another Black man in cold blood.  We all saw it. LIVE. Because the victim was streaming live and chatting with his social media network when he was shot 16 times in […]

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written by MadMan J Scarlett On the Road to Flint … On my day off, I decided to take a quick ride up to Flint being its close proximity to my own town. In the past, I’ve heard numerous folk tales about Flint being the murder capital behind Detroit or the fact that Flint is […]

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Ben Carson.. Why Da F*ck You Lyin?

written by MadMan Gluv DEAR BEN CARSON, WHY THE FUCK YOU’RE LYING? WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS LYING? MmmmOMYGOD, WHY THE FUCK YOU LYING? Look here, Uncle Ben. We all are aware you was selected to be that house nigger servant candidate to run in the primaries for President of these so-called United States. But, seriously, […]

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#BlackMoneyMatters – An Interesting Look at How We Really Spend Our Money

in today’s news… I came across the infographic below and HAD to share it.  It seems we have money for everything – except what matters… education, health and welfare, and sustainable energy. Now when I look at this with just my Black people lenses on .. I notice that the top category for Black people […]

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Al Sharpton Should Boycott Himself

written by  MadMan E.L. Walker Rules: 1. Obey your gut instinct. If something feels wrong, it usually is. Follow the money. Enter Al Sharpton. Growing up, I never paid the Reverend Al Sharpton much attention. Guilty of looking at him once or twice, I soon decided that he was full of shit, and therefore, undeserving […]

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BUSTED!!!!! Is Our Government Is Running Fake Twitter Accounts To Sway Popular Opinion Against Michael Brown and #Ferguson

in today’s “GTFOHWTBS news… Our loyal MadMan Libba brought this to our attention.. no preamble… just watch and decide for yourself.  Thanks Libba!

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Michael's lifeless body stays on the ground as a grim reminder of the value of a Black life.

An American Horror Story : Michael Brown’s Final Moments.

The police refuse to interview the sole witness who was with Michael Brown at the time of his death. They also refuse to listen to the neighborhood full of witnesses who also saw the murder of this child. Instead, they issued a lie based on the tall tale of their murderer … Uhhh … Officer. […]

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Genocide Alert : Black Men Have Gone the Way of the Dinosaur

“Oh Mary don’t you weep… Tell Martha not to moan…” Reading around in business and money information resources today, I found a common theme. Euro-America discussing population decrease and the stilling of communicable diseases. When I say “the stilling” I mean they are remarking how diseases like Aids have now run their course and are […]

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Policeman Breaks Child’s Arm : Justified or OverKill?

in today’s “Who Raised You? News… This MadMan is always the FIRST to come to the defense of anyone suffering brutality at the hands of the police… Especially Black children. But sometimes, even I am at a loss for words and cannot be mad at the Police when it is clearly evident “shyt just got […]

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White Conservative Explains The Theory Of The “Token Black”

Interested in reading your comments MadMen… Please post your thoughts …

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