The “Depraved Heart” Assassination of Freddie Gray

FreddieGrayArrestWex law dictionary defines a “Depraved Heart Murder” as

Killing someone in a way that demonstrates a callous disregard for the value of human life.

As I watched the video of the charges being read against all 6 thugs (officers) charges with the death of Freddie gray, I realized she was describing the death of not only Freddie – but countless Black Americans for the past century.

As the charges fell from the lips of one lone Black woman in an actual position to exact justice – her words landed on the souls of every Black man, woman and child murdered by the police through antiquity….. and offered a long needed salve to calm the eternal rage from the undignified and senseless loss of life at the hands of the police.

This is a defining moment.  Regardless of the outcome – the die has now been cast.  Every officer that takes a life, especially a Black life must stand trial and face their heartless deeds.

This is the only way to restore the faith of the people… otherwise our cities will continue to burn.

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