Ass Beating For “Twerking”… Was The Punishment Overboard or Justified?

in today’s “Who Raised You News”…

imagesI came across this video today of a father beating his young daughters for “twerking” with an extension cord…

Is it too brutal… or is it justified?  How far would you go to keep your child’s internet image in check?  What would you do to keep her off the “stripper pole”?

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One Response to “Ass Beating For “Twerking”… Was The Punishment Overboard or Justified?”

  1. Well the video is no longer on here so I can’t judge by it, but I have whipped my kids with n extension cord and I was whipped with one when I was coming up. Yes, it is abuse but at the time I’m sure my mother didn’t care and would have dared anyone to intervene. When I did it to my kids I felt the same way. But now if I saw it done to someone I’d do something to stop it. I can only imagine what that parent saw and what he knew the world saw and how the world was viewing his daughters. He’s a man and he knew it was all about sex and if they living in his house and he’s taking care of them even a little bit then they should follow his rules or move out.

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