Sexually Frustrated Man Makes Co-Worker Swallow

in today’s “GTFOHWTBS” news…

Michael Lallana, 32 is standing trial for a rather unusual crime.  He is accused of ejaculating into a co-workers water bottle on two separate occasions.    Investigators say the woman, identified in court documents as ‘Tiffany G” suspected that her water bottle had been tainted with semen after she drank from it and became sick.

“Tiffany G” testified that she dumped the first water bottle,  she kept a second bottle for evidence then, asked her fiance to ejaculate in a third bottle to see if it resembled the taste she encountered in her water at work.

the victim


This chick is like a female Sherlock Holmes.

A psychologist who conducted a mental examination of Mr. Lallana, says that he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder and felt emotionally abused due to a lack of sex with his wife.

Say word?

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  1. I could go sooooooooo many places with this, but I will mind my manners….THIS TIME!!!

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