It’s what’s for dinner…

in today’s “classic beatdown” news….

Edna Verdin, a fifty-one year old Louisiana woman was jailed after she allegedly assaulted her boyfriend, with a frozen steak.  

 Verdin became angry when she attempted to place a bottle of Tequila Rose in the freezer to chill but couldn’t get it to fit.  In a fit of anger, she pulled a frozen steak out of the freezer and whacked her live-in boyfriend in the head with it.  The victim,  Jerry Voisin suffered a large bloody gash on the forehead as a result.   Verdin was charged with aggravated battery.  

 No word on what happened to that frozen steak.

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2 Responses to “It’s what’s for dinner…”

  1. new meaning to where’s the Beef !

  2. I’m thinking he may have thawed it out and put it on him head to keep the swelling down. Protein helps heal wounds…LOL.

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