BUSTED!!!!! Is Our Government Is Running Fake Twitter Accounts To Sway Popular Opinion Against Michael Brown and #Ferguson

in today’s “GTFOHWTBS news… Our loyal MadMan Libba brought this to our attention.. no preamble… just watch and decide for yourself.  Thanks Libba!

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Michael's lifeless body stays on the ground as a grim reminder of the value of a Black life.

An American Horror Story : Michael Brown’s Final Moments.

The police refuse to interview the sole witness who was with Michael Brown at the time of his death. They also refuse to listen to the neighborhood full of witnesses who also saw the murder of this child. Instead, they issued a lie based on the tall tale of their murderer … Uhhh … Officer. […]

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Texas Votes To Back Reparations for Slavery : White Folk Everywhere Have A Collective Heart Attack

in today’s good news…. Someone stand up and give John Wiley Price, Texas’ ONLY Black commissioner a got-damn standing ovation.  He got the Dallas County Commissioners Court to back monetary reparations for  the descendants of slaves. Wiley presented to the commissioner’s court the “Juneteenth Resolution” which stated “The United States of America is derelict in its promise […]

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Genocide Alert : Black Men Have Gone the Way of the Dinosaur

“Oh Mary don’t you weep… Tell Martha not to moan…” Reading around in business and money information resources today, I found a common theme. Euro-America discussing population decrease and the stilling of communicable diseases. When I say “the stilling” I mean they are remarking how diseases like Aids have now run their course and are […]

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White Man Questions Black People’s Mentality : “Tell Me Why You Are Christian”?

In today’s “this cracka got a good point ” news…. This is the same thing madman has been saying since I could learn how to speak, but religious Black folk always dismissed it. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that all religious beliefs are a bastardized version of sun worship (the first […]

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Policeman Breaks Child’s Arm : Justified or OverKill?

in today’s “Who Raised You? News… This MadMan is always the FIRST to come to the defense of anyone suffering brutality at the hands of the police… Especially Black children. But sometimes, even I am at a loss for words and cannot be mad at the Police when it is clearly evident “shyt just got […]

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White Conservative Explains The Theory Of The “Token Black”

Interested in reading your comments MadMen… Please post your thoughts …

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African Dad LOSES IT When Son Claims He Impregnated A White Girl : BEST PRANK EVER

BEST. PRANK. EVER. We know we are always serious around here in MadMan land, but THIS made us actually die laughing.  We all know  how we would feel if your child came home and told us he got another child pregnant regardless of race. We believe this to be the typical concerned parent response.. from […]

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Nicki Takes A Stand Against All You Lookin Ass N*ggas – A Breakdown of the New Hip-Hop Anthem for Women

in today’s classic beatdowns… FIRST… let me say that using Malcolm’s image on her cover art was wrong, misguided and downright stupid. Very stupid.  this MadMan does not condone or approve of it…but THIS article isn’t about that… Nicki Minaj is a MadMan on her latest track “Lookin Ass N*gga*.  Props to her on this. […]

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What You Don’t Understand About the Word “N*GGER” : a Lesson in Etymology

The debate about the “N” word has been raging for years… I never get into it that much, because I find that the people who scream the loudest about it (either for or against) don’t understand the history or etymology of the word. And when I say history, I mean the TRUE history. There is […]

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Farrakhan Tells Mike Wallace “Just Be Quiet” : Throwback Look At The Hypocrisy of the American Media

As you know, this MadMan is no huge fan of religious leaders… But hell.. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Kudos to the minister on this one… Ol Mike got his ass handed to him.

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Black Man PROVES Adam and Eve Biblical Story is a LIE : His DNA Dates Back 338 THOUSAND YEARS!

in today’s good news… As a child, the story of Adam and Eve always perplexed me.. even to my childlike sensibilities I knew it did not make any logical sense AT ALL.  Countless debates and sometimes fights were had around the dinner table, as I sought to bring logic to my family who had an […]

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